Are you having writers block?  Need help channeling song lyrics?

Are you ready to be an open, clear channel to let your songs flow in?


We will open the third eye, activate your pineal gland, connect you to your sacred heart and clean and clear your energy blocks. We can release fear and dense energy and activate prosperity consciousness.  This session helps you to get out of your head and into your heart for a pure stream flow of lyrics.


Together, we will open sacred space and connect to your Source, so that we may sense and fuse with your spirit guides, muse and beings of light and team of Angels. We will also ask the Archangels to come forward to assist you with your path for the highest and best good. High level guides help people discover more choices, connect you with your own soul’s wisdom and speak with love and compassion. Channeling for energy healing is accompanied by heightened awareness and feelings of peace and well-being. This is a powerful, beautiful and heartfelt session that will enlighten your path with Divine wisdom. 



  1. We will discuss your career your life, and your goals as a musician as it is 100% possible to be authentic AND successful!

  2. Then we will open sacred space, we will connect to your Source and I will show you the spiritual tools to connect your to Source, The GodsHead, your higher self so you can do it when you are ready to channel a song, or create to reactivate and enhance your artistic creativeness.

  3. We will bring in all the light all the high vibrations all the inspiration from your higher self your musician muse your hopes, dreams and desires to create a space to channel from your heart.

  4. There is no need to experience the blues to write a blues song as we can tap into different points in your life or previous lifetimes where you had the feeling, or create the feeling of the emotion of the song you channel in.

  5. We will cleanse and clear all of your chakras and your aura so we can remove any emotional or limiting blocks so that your artistic groove is wide open to create joy and success and prosperity so you can live your dream and activate your innate talents and share them with world.

Here's what one musician had to say about the session:

Karen's work is brilliant. I was referred to her by another energy worker who described her energy as "incredibly clear". The clarity, focus, and peace of purpose in the session was phenomenally healing, so I could not agree with this description more. Additionally I would love to specify that as a musician I left the session feeling deep habits of performance anxiety released. Since the session, this anxiety arose only briefly once the day of a performance only to fade as quickly as it presented itself, before I could give it a second thought. Additionally, a MAJOR manifestation has occurred within five days of our session that was addressed during the work. Thank you Karen!! Feeling beyond grateful!
She also reported that she channeled a song right after the session, that had to be written, while waiting at a cafe for traffic to die down...

Sessions are scheduled as frequently as you feel you need them, and can be done in person or remote via ZOOM, Skype or FaceTime. Typically, clients will schedule sessions every 3-6 weeks, or may require more frequently during big events or deep healings and opening to channel!

Investment: $111.00*

* Are you an Austin based musician? Contact Karen Cay for discounts.