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Whether you want to be a healer on behalf of others, develop your intuitive gifts or just feel completely spiritually empowered, this course is for you!

Each detailed module will take you through the steps of deepening your practice by activating your:

  • Psychic centers

  • Clair-senses

  • Guides & angels

  • Akashic record access

  • Sacred geometry

  • Sacred space

  • Connecting

  • Grounding

  • Aura and chakras

  • Releasing at the Source

  • Soul fragment return

I created the narrated modules to guide you through at your own pace, convenience and comfort level.

1:1 mentorship calls with Karen are personally tailored after each module, and designed to further AWAKEN YOUR DIVINE GIFTS and remember what society wanted you to forget.

Are you ready to help the planet, society and yourself with ascension?

I have been guided to walk others through the spiritual doors that I have been blessed to open and I look forward to personally connecting with you soon!

Karen Cay