√ Air is heavy, low vibe

√ Nothing seems to be going right despite your best efforts

√ Increased arguments, sickness

√ Issues with neighbors

√ Restless sleep, nightmares

√ People in the home regularly irritated and upset,

√ Appliances breaking, wifi and TV services slow or turning off

√ A feeling of gloom, plants dying, no one calling with good news... you get the picture.


√ Appliances breaking or running slow

√ Unhappy customers and increased complaints despite your best efforts

√ Decreased sales

√ Decreased employee and customer enthusiasm and appreciation

√ Employees quitting, no-showing or regularly creating trouble

√ Increased tension or problems with business partnerships

√ Lack of creativity and focus

√ Indecision and lack of confidence in your decisions

√ Trouble with neighboring businesses

√ Air is heavy and doesn't flow freely

What to expect during a space clearing session

FOR YOUR HOME: I will perform an energetic assessment of your space and tune in using healing Reiki energy and the law of attraction. During this session I will clear out any bad vibes that are a left-over residue from visitors, phone conversations, heavy thoughts and the accumulation of day-to-day toxicity from the outside world that sticks to the walls of your home when not cleared regularly. Regular space clearing in your home invites and activates abundance and prosperity on all levels: money, love, opportunities, and relationships. Using white sage, I will go through each room with Reiki and high vibe divine light releasing all that no longer serves the space. I will attune each room for success and love. Your home to be a place where energy flows freely and the air is light with the touch of magic. 

FOR SELLING A HOME: Do you need guidance preparing yourself and your home to sell using staging, Reiki energy and the law of attraction?  By energetically clearing the home with Reiki and cutting chords and emotional attachments to your home, I can design a stage and sage your home to assist with releasing it from you to new occupants with ease!

FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Space clearing for your business immediately elevates the vibration for your customers/ clients to experience your space. Any tension, fear, anxiety, and negative conversations patrons may have encountered during their day and brought in sits stagnant and heavy in your place of business. This affects sales, customer satisfaction, atmosphere, employees morale, business opportunities and much more. 

Schedule a space clearing to cleanse out all the toxic energy and immediately start inviting increased profits, happy employees, positive high vibes, and prosperity.


* Includes chakra clearing and balancing for those who live/work in the space.

Keep the current positive energy flowing in, a space clearing AMPLIFY the momentum for continued happiness! Contact me about space clearing today.