Empowered Spirit Lighter Sessions

Results that clients have experienced from a Spirit Lighter Session:

Replaced fear with peace • Magnetized a new high vibe tribe • Money fears released and replaced with prosperity consciousness • Attracted loving relationships • Developed clear boundaries • Released old patterns and old friendships bogging them down • Feeling light and happier • Life flowing with ease • Magnetized new job • Attracted a new job and moved to new city with ease • Reactivated romance at home • Attracted a new partner • Confidence

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Refresh your energy field using a variety of healing systems with channeled
information from your spirit team.



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Here are some of the healing systems commonly used during a session:

  • Advanced Reiki

  • Angelic Healing and Channeling

  • Yin/Yang balance

  • Akashic Record Reading

  • Past Life Healing and Regressions

  • Spirit Guidance

  • Releasing and Cutting Toxic Energetic Chords

  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing

  • Healing Vortex

  • Soul Expansive Upgrades (pineal gland, sacred heart, third eye)

  • Sacred Geometry and Symbols

  • Divine Light

  • Alchemy

  • Auric cleansing

  • Releasing and Collapsing Distorted Masculine and Feminine

  • Karmic Healing and Attachment Release

  • Divine Feminine and Evolved Masculine Balancing

  • Light Language

  • Manifesting

For your convenience, sessions are available in person or via Skype/FaceTime since

energy powerfully crosses all space and time. 

A Spirit Lighter session is the most powerful and transforming energetic healing session one can imagine. It is a unique  and customized session designed for those seeking immediate shifts to come in to alignment and become magnets for everything one desires. This is a universe-moving, cosmos-reaching session and it is entirely up to you, how deep we go to reset and realign. We will transform your life at the Source starting from the inside to see results on the outside. 

***I also offer sessions for couples, kids, and pets. I guide Indigo children to ground, shield, and step in to their power and to gain energetic independence.


What a typical session will look like:

This is a specialized technique developed by Karen Cay. Together, we will open sacred space and connect to Source, so that we may sense and fuse with your spirit guides, beings of light and team of Angels. We will also ask the Archangels to come forward to assist you with your path for the highest and best good. High level guides help people discover more choices, connect you with your own soul’s wisdom and speak with love and compassion. Channeling for energy healing is accompanied by heightened awareness and feelings of peace and well-being. 

  • Discussion about what is going on in your life and the transformation you want to happen

  • Ground yourself, close your eyes and open your heart to healing and releasing energy

  • Tune in and scan your chakras/body/ aura to assess energetic blockages affiliated with your life patterns

  • We receive messages from Spirit on how to help

  • You may feel, sense or even see energy in your body during the session as you relax in meditation

  • You will hear me using my breath with your energy and relaying messages from your guides

  • At any point, if something comes to mind for you, please speak up as this is an open dialogue and a safe, loving place for bringing everything to the light

  • After the session you will feel lighter, maybe elated or slightly depleted, depending on the energy that has traveled through your body and what has released

  • It is important to rest, relax and stay hydrated after a session and honor self care for a few days afterwords by taking sea salt baths, spending time outdoors, take walks, try not to engage in negativity

  • Many times an affirmation/mantra will come through for you to help reprogram a new positive pattern

  • You will receive a follow up email with the Vibe High Bonus

Sessions are scheduled as frequently as you feel you need them and can be done in person or remote via Skype or FaceTime. 


Karen is truly a gifted woman! Our session was powerful and her ability to connect is undeniable. From the moment I sat down with her, I felt a peace that I can’t say I’ve felt in some time. Several times during our session she verbalized things I had just been thinking/visualizing. She was able to help clear difficulties I have had over the loss of my son and over personal relationships. All I can say is WOW, and thank you for sharing your beautiful gift!
— Melissa
Karen is an incredible energy healer! She just knows where you need the healing and she calls those higher forces of love and light to assist her with a very intuitive and deep healing. She has a clear communication with her guides and she listens clearly to direct energy where it needs to go. I am an intuitive myself, and I’m very aware and sensitive of other people’s energy; therefore, I am very particular about who I will let do healing work on me. I must first feel that the healer has a very pure loving energy, that is free from any ulterior motives or energy manipulation for self serving purposes. Karen is one of those extraordinary healers! I had a wonderful healing session with her and I would recommend her services to anyone, without reservation!
— Sharon

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